Welcome to the „Alte Ölmühle“, Wittenberge

Experience and enjoy the Alte Ölmühle (Old Oil Mill)

Experience and enjoy our hotel and brewery bar, including a show brewery, located by the River Elbe on the Elbe cycle path. The hotel is situated in the Prignitz region of northern Brandenburg – an area popular with cyclists, which is on the border to four German federal states; namely, Niedersachsen, Sachsen Anhalt, Mecklenburg and Brandenburg.

The “Alten Ölmühle” in Wittenberge has listed-building status, and combines a superb gastonomical experience with the historical charm of the former oil factory.

Genesis Ltd., as owner of this industrial monument, has created in this place steeped in history, a unique venue for both locals and visitors. Gastronomy and hotelery, sport, culture and entertainment is the new life within the old walls, the oldest of which date back to the year 1856. The brewery and restaurant, complimented by a banqueting hall and ballroom, can be found in the former seed store. The air intake tower on the harbour’s edge is now used as a beach bar and beach volleyball area during the season. In the former owner‘s mansion and a further seed storage building, a modern hotel has been developed.

In the restaurant’s show brewery, „HerzBräu“ pils, special and dark beer types are brewed. The beer is named after the founder of the oil mill, the Berlin businessman Salmon Herz.